3 2 1 Participation in New Architecture in Poland and Japan


-Since the mid-90s began to appear smaller offices – several, a dozen or so, trying his hand at competitions and small individual orders. Not afraid to experiment, earnestly sought new, individual means of expression. A review of the work of these offices was part of the Polish exhibition “3-2-1 New Architecture in Japan and Poland”, organized on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the Center for Japanese Art and Technology Manggha in Krakow. Curator of the Polish part of the exhibition, D. Lesniak, based on the recommendations of SARP branches in Poland, the Museum of Architecture, the writings of “Architecture-Murator” and “Architecture and Business” and invited critics of architecture, has selected 10 of the most interesting architectural offices, entering the market during the last 10 years. Szultk architecture was awarded a ┬áDistinction for the exhibition Top 10 of the Best Architectural Offices 3-2-1, New Architecture in Japan and Poland , Manggha , Krak├│w

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